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Kannabu’s Essential Guide to Popcorn Weed: Quality Meets Affordability

Large amount of Kannabu's weed from a top down perspective.

Kannabu’s Essential Guide to Popcorn Weed: Quality Meets Affordability Welcome to the budget friendly world of popcorn weed, where quality meets affordability. As cannabis enthusiasts look for the best value for their money, Kannabu has launched a line of popcorn cannabis that promises both quality and cost-effectiveness. This guide delves into the myriad ways to […]

Get Your Tanks Ready: Exploring the Meaning of ‘Gas’ in Cannabis Slang

Introduction Gas, man. That’s what they’re calling the primo, high-quality strains of cannabis these days. This stuff is no joke – we’re talking buds that have a pungent, diesel-like aroma that’ll knock your socks off. But what’s behind this intense scent, you might ask? Well, my friends, it’s all about the terpenes. Role of Terpenes […]

Understanding the Grading System for Marijuana Flowers

Cannabis buds, also known as flowers, are the most commonly consumed form of marijuana. When it comes to grading cannabis buds, there are several factors to consider, including appearance, aroma, and potency. Physical Characteristics Appearance High-quality cannabis buds should be dense and well-formed, with a healthy green colour. They should be free of stems, seeds, […]

Butane Honey Oil (BHO)

All about bho butane honey oil marijuana extracts

BHO, or Butane Honey Oil, is a type of cannabis concentrate made using butane as a solvent. If you see this labeling on a concentrate product, it simply means that this is how the product was made and what solvents were used during production. It’s important to understand what BHO is, its potency, and its […]

Guide to Weed Budder

smoking marijuana extract budder

Budder is a type of cannabis concentrate that is rapidly gaining popularity for its unique texture and flavor. Budder is made by combining marijuana extract with a cutting agent, usually butane or propane. This creates a smooth, creamy consistency that is easy to smoking. Budder also has a higher THC content than other types of […]

Making Honey Oil

honey oil marijuana extract

Honey oil, also known as hash oil, wax, shatter, BHO, or dabs, is a potent cannabis derivative that is known for its ability to produce a powerful “stoned” feeling. Honey oil can be inhaled using a vaporizer or added to food. It is also possible to add a few drops of honey oil to a […]


shatter cannabis extract

Cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular, with new products and forms being introduced all the time. It can be tough to keep track of everything that’s out there, but thankfully, we’re here to help. Shatter weed is one of the newest concentrates on the market, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite among cannabis […]

The Different Types Of Weed Extracts

shatter budder rosin resin marijuana extracts

The cannabis industry offers a wide variety of weed concentrates, and it can be difficult to keep track of all the different types. In this article, we’ll break down some of the unique properties of each type of cannabis concentrate. You’ll learn about the different looks, flavors, and textures of each extract, and what makes […]

Guide to Weed Wax

weed marijuana wax concentrate

Cannabis concentrates like weed wax are becoming increasingly popular, yet many consumers are inexperienced and have questions about this product. What is weed wax? What makes it different from the flower? How do you smoke it? If you’re curious about cannabis wax, read on to find answers to all your questions. You’ll learn everything from […]

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