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Cannabis buds, also known as flowers, are the most commonly consumed form of marijuana. When it comes to grading cannabis buds, there are several factors to consider, including appearance, aroma, and potency.

Physical Characteristics


High-quality cannabis buds should be dense and well-formed, with a healthy green colour. They should be free of stems, seeds, and other debris, and should have a good amount of trichomes, which are the small, sticky, mushroom-like structures that produce THC and other cannabinoids. Avoid buds that are loose, have yellow or brown leaves, or are covered in seeds.


Trichomes are the small, crystal-like structures on the surface of cannabis buds that contain the plant’s psychoactive compounds. High-quality buds will have a dense coating of trichomes that are cloudy or opaque in appearance.


The aroma of a cannabis bud can also provide insight into its quality. High-quality buds will have a strong, distinct aroma that is characteristic of the strain. The aroma should be pungent and pleasing, rather than harsh or chemical-like. The aroma will come primarily from the terpenes where you can find notes of pine, citrus, or other characteristic scents depending on the flower’s terpene profile.


Potency refers to the amount of THC and other cannabinoids present in the buds. High-quality cannabis buds should have a high THC content, usually above 20%. Additionally, they should also have other beneficial cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.


The taste of a cannabis bud can also be used to evaluate its quality. High-quality buds will have a smooth, flavourful taste without any harsh or chemical-like aftertaste from it’s terpene profile. Typically, flowers with higher THC content and hence quality will have a more developed terpene profile will taste stronger and more vibrant than lower grade buds.

Moisture content

The moisture content of cannabis buds is also an important factor to consider when grading them. Buds that are too dry will have a harsh, harsh taste and burn quickly, while buds that are too wet will be difficult to light and may not burn evenly.


The curing process plays an important role in the quality of cannabis buds. It is the process of drying and storing the buds in a controlled environment over a period of time. Well-cured buds will have a smooth, even burn and enhanced flavour and aroma.

The ‘A’ Grading System

By considering these key factors above, you can accurately grade cannabis marijuana buds based on quality and ensure that you are getting the best product possible. Below we’ll go over the varying levels of the ‘A’ cannabis bud grading system.

Grade AAAA

Grade AAAA buds are considered the highest quality. They have a dense and well-formed structure, a healthy green colour, a strong and distinct aroma, and a high THC content. These buds are typically more expensive than other grades but are well worth the cost for those looking for a high-quality cannabis experience.

Grade AAA

Grade AAA buds are of a lower quality than Grade AAAA buds. They may have a less dense structure, a less vibrant colour, and a weaker aroma. They may also have a lower THC content. These buds are still considered to be of good quality, but are typically more affordable than Grade AAA buds. Good bang for your buck level cannabis.

Grade AA

Grade AA buds are considered to be of the second lowest quality. They may have an uneven structure, a dull colour, and a weak aroma. They also have a low THC content. These buds are typically the most affordable, but may not provide the same quality of experience as higher-grade buds.

Grade A

Grade A buds will have the lowest THC content and visible imperfections such as discoloration or small leaves. The buds may be less dense and the aroma may be less potent. It may also be less potent, less flavourful, and dryer than higher grades. However, it may still be suitable for some users, depending on their needs and preferences. It’s a great grade for making extracts and other processed cannabis products where one would not be smoking or vaping the flowers themselves.

Grade B

B Grade buds are typically mids (AA-AAA) in terms of quality but something went wrong in the processing or were possibly rushed into the market. They may contain seeds, mildew or bud rot and we do not recommend these buds to be smoked or cooked with. The recommended use for B grade weed is making extractions as this process separates any contaminates from the thc, cbd and terpines which we are after.


In conclusion, grading cannabis buds is a complex process that takes into account several different factors, including appearance, aroma, and potency. High-quality buds are considered Grade AAAA, Grade AAA are mid-range in quality, and lower-quality buds are considered Grade AA or A . When purchasing cannabis buds, it is important to consider the grade and choose the one that best meets your needs and preferences.

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