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BHO, or Butane Honey Oil, is a type of cannabis concentrate made using butane as a solvent. If you see this labeling on a concentrate product, it simply means that this is how the product was made and what solvents were used during production. It’s important to understand what BHO is, its potency, and its various health benefits before trying this concentrated form of cannabis oil. Below are answers to some common questions about BHO so you can be prepared before trying it for yourself.

Where Does It Come From

Butane honey oil, or BHO, is a type of cannabis concentrate made by extracting natural oils from the plant using a butane solvent. BHO is one of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrate currently available. The exact origin of butane honey oil is not easy to pinpoint, but many claim that it was invented in the Middle East in the 1960s. The process was eventually refined in the 1970s, and since then, the popularity and consumption of BHOs has only grown exponentially. While butane honey oil is quite versatile, many choose to produce its potent form, BHO, for dabbing. Dabbing BHO is the best way to get full flavors and effects, as concentrates require high temperatures to fully enjoy.

The Components Of BHO

Butane honey oil can be found in many different textures, consistencies, and colors. Manufacturers’ environments can affect the hue of the BHO, despite misconceptions that transparency denotes quality. Excess moisture, light or even movement can affect the color of your honey oil.

Butane honey oil (BHO) comes in a variety of concentrate forms, such as shatter, crumble, and budder. The final consistency of the BHO depends on the manufacturer’s extraction and handling methods. For example, if hash oil is whipped after extraction, it will have a smoother consistency like broder. If it is left untouched and preserved, your BHO will be as fragile as shatter. Some forms of butane honey oil have distinct odors, while others have almost none. Live resin, for example, is one of the most aromatic forms of cannabis concentrate because of its method of breeding. Before and during extraction, the buds are kept at freezing temperatures, which in turn conserves most of the plant’s terpene content. Because of this, each strain of living resin produces distinct and pungent aromas. Other BHOs ​​such as shatter, however, contain almost no terpenes due to their rigorous purification processes.

Butane hash oil is a type of cannabis oil that is very potent and contains high levels of THC. It is not recommended for novice users, as it can have strong effects. The length of time that butane hash oil stays in your system depends on various factors, such as your metabolism, fat content, and how often you consume marijuana.

How It is made

Butane extraction is the most popular method of cannabis concentrate production by far. This is because it is relatively inexpensive and, when done properly, extremely efficient. To make BHO, dried cannabis buds are soaked in or blasted with butane to separate the oils from the plant matter. The remaining oil is then purged of the used butane, getting rid of any impurities. The weed oil undergoes further purification or is mixed, shaken or whipped to create the desired consistency. The final product is left to cure and solidify into the desired form of concentrate.

Butane honey oil production is a complex and potentially dangerous process that should only be carried out by trained professionals in a controlled environment. Home laboratories pose serious risks to both the operators and those around them, as evidenced by the number of explosions and fatalities that have been reported. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to leave butane honey oil production to the experts.

Storing Your BHO For The Best Result

BHO can last for a long time when stored properly. Although it is possible to keep butane honey oil for years, it is not necessarily recommended. However, its shape, texture and potency will remain relatively the same for months to months. To prolong the life of your honey oil, be sure to keep it in places that remain consistently cool and dark. Cold temperatures and stable environments are key factors in preserving the properties of cannabis oil. Storing it in vacuum-sealed containers is also a great idea, as the lack of moisture ensures that the consistency stays the same over time. Do not store your BHO or other concentrates in locations frequently exposed to light, heat and excess moisture. Places like refrigerators and freezers are best, as long as you put a proper label on your container to avoid any safety issues. Also, avoid moving your honey oil as much as possible to prevent different environments from affecting the structure.

Consuming / Smoking Your BHO

There are two main ways to consume hash oil: dabbing and using a vape pen. Dabbing involves heating your equipment to extremely high temperatures, which vaporizes the concentrate and releases the cannabinoids. You can also add a drop of butane honey oil to your vape pen. These methods are powerful enough to give you the full effects of the concentrate. Start slow with just one dot of oil and see how your body reacts before increasing the amount you consume.

BHO VS Other Cannabis Concentrates & Products

There are many different types of cannabis concentrates, but they all have one thing in common: they can be traced back to BHO. Most cannabis oils actually start out as BHOs, and then they are transformed into something else. BHOs can be made using other solvents, but this doesn’t change much in terms of purity or potency. CBD oil is different from honey oil because it doesn’t contain THC. CBD oil is used for medicinal purposes and it doesn’t make you high. While BHOs have a wide range of medical benefits, CBD oil is best for those who don’t want to feel intoxicated when consuming.

Cannabis concentrates, like butane honey oil, are much more potent than dried cannabis flower. THC levels in cannabis flower typically range from 15-25%. However, BHO can test anywhere from 60-90%, depending on the product and price. Because of the drastic difference in THC levels, cannabis concentrates are not recommended for new smokers. It’s important to dose properly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Cannabis edibles provide a powerful, concentrated high that is distinct from BHO. Despite having a higher potency than the flower, much of the plant’s cannabinoids are lost during cooking or other processing, making them less potent than honey oil. The effects of an edible typically last for hours throughout the body because cannabis is metabolized differently when digested rather than inhaled. In contrast, the high from weed oils typically only lasts for a few hours at most.

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