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Listen up, bud lovers! Don’t take our word for it. Hear from the people themselves! Check out our customer reviews and ratings for the down low on Kannabu’s cannabis goods.

Flower & Product Reviews from Reddit

Listen up, cannabis aficionados! If you want the straight dope on our cannabis flower, look no further than our flower reviews on Reddit (/r/MOMPics). These are the unfiltered opinions of your fellow enthusiasts, sharing their raw experiences with Kannabu’s range of strains. From the aroma that hits your nose to the effects that knock you on your ass, these reviews hold nothing back.

Below are our latest reviews from the last three months.

Incentivized Reviews

Write a review of our products online and we’ll hook you up with some sweet incentives! From exclusive discounts to free swag, we want to reward our loyal customers for taking the time to share their opinions with us. So don’t hesitate, bud lovers. Write that review and see what kind of perks we’ve got in store for you!

REDDIT (r/MOMpics)   |

Earn $5 ($2.50 for samples) For each Reddit Review on r/MOMpics

Rule #1: Title Format should follow: [Strain] – [MOM] – [Month Ordered]

Rule #2: Cannabis/ Marijuana only. No pictures of anything other than cannabis flower.

Rule #3: No direct links / No Sales! This subreddit is strictly for reviews and pictures only. No sourcing, sales or links.

**Note, please submit your review link in our contact form with your order number.


Earn $1* For each Instagram Post you make using #kannabuMOM and tagging us

Earn $0.50* For each Instagram Story you post and tagging us

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Earn $10 For each unboxing video or reviewing our product via video uploaded to Youtube.

Title: Buy Weed Online in Canada –

Add ( in video description.

When you have review up on and want to collect your perk, let us know on Discord or using the contact form below.

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Write a product review on our site and we’ll reward you with 5 Kannabu points!* We value your opinions and want to hear what you have to say about our products. And in return, we’ll give you points that you can redeem for sweet deals on future purchases. So don’t wait, let your voice be heard and earn those Kannabu points!

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