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Cannabis concentrates like weed wax are becoming increasingly popular, yet many consumers are inexperienced and have questions about this product. What is weed wax? What makes it different from the flower? How do you smoke it? If you’re curious about cannabis wax, read on to find answers to all your questions. You’ll learn everything from the murky origin of the wax to its many medical benefits.

Properties Of Wax

Weed wax comes in a variety of shades, from yellow to brown. The exact shade is determined by environmental factors during the extraction process, like humidity or light. Weed wax has a texture similar to regular candle wax, but it can be thicker or thinner depending on the manufacturer. Usually, weed wax is sticky and can be stretched or shaped any way you want. However, for best results, it’s best to wrap it around a cannabis extraction tool.

Cannabis terpenes are responsible for the plant’s unique smell and taste. When cannabis flowers are left untouched, their terpenes are preserved and the smell is very potent. However, most concentrates go through a rigorous extraction process that destroys most of the terpenes, leaving little to no smell or taste. Extracting the terpene separately can preserve its subtlety and allow you to experience distinct flavors and smells.

The THC levels in weed wax can range from 60% to 90%, making it a very potent product. This high concentration of THC can stay in your system for weeks if you are a consistent consumer. However, if you don’t consume it regularly, the THC may not linger in your system as long. Factors such as how often you consume it, the fat content, and others can affect how long the THC stays in your system.

Wax History

Cannabis wax is a type of concentrate that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is accessible, affordable, and potent, making it a top choice for many consumers. Cannabis wax has been around for centuries, but it only started to become more well-known after author D. Gold wrote about it in his book. Some people believe that Gold was the first to create cannabis wax, and his work has influenced the cannabis community ever since.

Wax is a popular choice for concentrated cannabis consumers because it is potent, flavorful, and easy to use. new extraction technologies have made it possible to create purer wax than ever before. When consumed, the full range of flavors and properties are experienced.

Variations Of Wax

Different types of waxes are available on the market. They vary in texture and shape, but they all come from wax. Budder is a type of concentration that has been whipped after extraction, resulting in a moldable, butter-like substance. Crushed wax is much more crumbly than traditional weed wax. It is more like sand or brown sugar and should be packed better in your piece for ease. This type of wax can also be called a “honeycomb” if the crust contains more holes than usual. Shattered wax is the most fragile form. Broken wax has a glassy appearance, typically coming in a translucent golden color. This form is one of the purest forms of smoking wax, as the concentrate goes through rigorous extraction and filtration processes to ensure its shape.

How It’s Made

Making weed wax is a complex process that requires specialized, expensive equipment. Please do not attempt to make your own wax at home as it is incredibly dangerous. Home concentrate labs can easily lead to house fires and even death. It is much safer to purchase your wax from a professional manufacturer.

When making wax, the first step is solvent selection. The most popular solvent is butane, but CO2 and other alcohol-based solvents are also used frequently. These solvents help break down plant matter and allow for the isolation of cannabinoids and oils. Once the hash oil is isolated, it goes through a purge process to get rid of any residual solvent. This ensures that only all-natural oils and terps are being smoked. After the solvent extraction, it is up to the manufacturers to decide what the next steps are. They can choose to mix or shake the substance, creating the classic waxy structure, or they can subject the wax to further filtration and work it into delicate shards.


Your wax will last for a long time if you take care of it properly. It’s not recommended to store it for years, but you can keep it for months without any noticeable changes in quality.

When storing wax, it’s important to keep it in a stable environment where temperature, humidity and light levels will not fluctuate. This can be achieved by storing it in a refrigerator or freezer. It’s also helpful to store wax in a vacuum-sealed jar rather than a silicon container, as this will minimize movement and exposure to possible changes in the environment which can be damaging. Too much moisture can cause the wax to change structure, so it’s important to avoid excessive exposure to moisture when storing wax.

Wax Versus Other Weed Products

Crumble, budder and wax have a different structure than normal wax, which usually results in a higher concentration of terpenes. This might make the high from these concentrates more potent than from other extracts, like Shatter. It’s important to note that cannabis and weed wax are not the same thing. Even though the wax comes from the marijuana plant, its potency, method of consumption and appearance are all quite different. For example, marijuana flower typically contains 20-30% THC, while weed wax typically contains 70% THC. So, the high you get from the wax is going to be much more powerful than what you’re used to.

Cannabis flower is ten times more potent when consumed as an edible, and the effects can last for several hours. However, wax is more potent than edibles, due to the way cannabinoids are absorbed into the body. Dried flower loses some of its potency when it is cooked into an edible, making it less potent than other cannabis extracts. THC oil can be placed sublingually or added to food and drinks, while hemp or CBD oil does not contain THC and will not produce a high.

Smoking Wax

Dabbing is the most popular way to consume wax concentrate. The high temperatures associated with dabbing allow users to fully taste all the flavors and experience all the effects. Another popular method is weed modeling wax, which can be done with a wax pen. This method is affordable and easy to use, and allows for full flavor tasting.

While it is possible to add wax to your joint or blunt, it is not the most practical method. The heat from a lighter is not enough to fully vaporize the wax, which would then make your flower smoke much faster. As a result, you would not feel the strong effects that you would otherwise.Putting wax on top of your bowl can be tricky, and a regular lighter cannot melt the wax properly. To achieve this, you can try smoking your wax bowl incredibly slowly and carefully. When considering functionality and effectiveness, shaping or tapping your wax is definitely ideal. These methods make it as easy as possible to take advantage of this sticky and potent substance.

Medicinal Benefits

The health benefits of consuming weed wax are numerous and well-documented. This potent combination of cannabinoids and terpenes is excellent for relieving both physical and mental pain, making it ideal for treating a wide range of health complications. Physiological benefits of waxing include relief from chronic and acute pain, appetite regulation, and improved digestion. Additionally, recent studies have shown that cannabis can be extremely beneficial in treating stroke-related symptoms.

Cannabis wax has shown to be effective in treating various medical conditions, from tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease to chronic lower back pain. Additionally, marijuana’s antipsychotic properties can help with psychological disorders such as PTSD and generalized anxiety. The cannabinoids in cannabis can also stimulate creativity and motivation. However, it is important to consume only a small amount of wax to avoid any negative side effects.

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Unfortunately, Kannabu currently does not sell weed wax, however we do sell other concentrates like distillate.

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