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In the age of boundless opportunity, we find ourselves faced with the eternal question: what snacks should I annihilate while under the influence of the great Mary Jane? Fear not, fellow psychonauts, for I have traveled the murky depths of these uncharted snack territories, and returned with a gospel to guide you on this treacherous journey.

Introducing Blue Cheese

First and foremost, we must consider our hallowed companion: Blue Cheese. This exquisite and powerful indica-dominant hybrid boasts a delectable blend of flavours, reminiscent of its namesake cheese, with a distinct blueberry aftertaste. Known to trigger the fabled munchies and crush the curse of lacking appetite, this strain is your ticket to a snack-filled wonderland.

What Snacks to Eat

Now, on to the main course – the feast to satisfy your otherworldly cravings:

  1. Cheetos, the Holy Grail of Stoned Snacking: There’s something inexplicably mesmerizing about these neon-orange, cheese-dusted sticks of pure sin. The crunch, the dust, the taste – it’s a wild ride through a psychedelic jungle of flavour, and a must-have in any stoner’s snack arsenal. Beware though, of getting that sticky Cheetos dust on your joint or bong as you’re toking up!
  2. Brownies: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more fitting snack for your altered state of consciousness than the ever classic chocolate brownie. Surrender yourself to the cosmic embrace of fudge and chocolate as you enter a vortex of sugar, cocoa, and bliss.
  3. Pizza Rolls: What is this madness? A tiny, bite-sized pizza wrapped in a crispy, golden crust, like a dream of Italy distilled into a snackable treasure. Pop these bad boys in the microwave and prepare to embark on a journey to the centre of the pizza-verse.
  4. The Unholy Trinity of Ben & Jerry’s: Cherry Garcia, Half Baked, and Phish Food – a trio of ice cream titans that’ll make your taste buds dance the jitterbug. Each spoonful is a mad kaleidoscope of texture and taste, a marriage of sweet, savoury, and crunchy that’ll leave you begging for more.
  5. The Mighty Taco: Grasp the ultimate handheld delicacy in all its glory. The warm, soft tortilla cradling a chaotic blend of flavours and textures: seasoned meat, crisp lettuce, tangy salsa, and molten cheese. The very act of eating becomes a sacred ritual as you navigate the complex labyrinth of flavour within.

A word of caution, dear travelers: moderation is key. Venture too deep into the abyss of munchies, and you risk a voyage to the heart of darkness. Tread lightly and keep your wits about you. And remember – in the world of stoned snacking, it’s not the destination, but the journey that counts.

Get Cheesed Up

In conclusion, pack a bowl of Blue Cheese, gather your sustenance, and prepare to embark on a culinary odyssey through the snack-infused cosmos. A new world of flavours awaits you, friends. Take the plunge, and savour the chaos.

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