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Embrace the harmonious blend of sharp cheese and robust diesel in Chiesel, a perfectly balanced hybrid strain. This captivating strain is a love child of Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel, boasting a unique flavor profile where nutty coffee-diesel effortlessly entwines with cheesy chocolate and earthy spices. Chiesel’s high arrives like a tidal wave, leaving you euphoric, creative, and pleasantly adrift in a sea of calm. With THC levels ranging from 18-28%, this strain is not for the faint of heart. Medicinally, Chiesel excels in battling chronic pain, stress, and mood disorders. Prepare for an invigorating journey as Chiesel takes you on a voyage through an aromatic landscape of cheese, diesel, and earthy goodness.

We always recommend ordering a smaller quantity before purchasing a larger bulk order. Contains a mixture of sizes, including popcorn/smallsThis is a budget strain and may contain some shake and seeds. The bag appeal may be low but the buds smoke quite well.

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Chiesel Details


Type: Hybrid (50% Indica/50% Sativa)
Effects: Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Increase of Appetite
Potential Negatives: Paranoid, Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes
Common Usage: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, Stress

Introduction to Chiesel

Step right up and meet Chiesel, a symphony of an evenly balanced hybrid, a product of mixing the mighty Big Buddha Cheese with the vigorous NYC Diesel. Brought to life in a world where sweet and nutty coffee-diesel flavours intermingle with cheesy chocolate and earthy undertones, this strain certainly knows how to make an impression. It pulls you in with its earthy diesel aroma, seductively laced with hints of mocha coffee, herbal cheese, and spicy herbs.

Concentration and Potency

Don’t be fooled by her playful character; Chiesel is a potent lady. Her THC levels are soaring at a staggering 18-28%, ensuring a full-throttle ride towards relaxation and creativity. The high will creep up on you, first blessing the mind with a wave of energetic euphoria, then gradually fading into a warm haze of pure bliss. You may feel disconnected from reality, yet perfectly functional if you need it.

Medicinal Effects of Chiesel

In the medicinal realm, Chiesel is a warrior, battling against chronic stress, depression, mood swings, chronic pain, and loss of appetite. Whether you’re navigating the rough waters of chronic illness or simply seeking a respite from life’s everyday stressors, Chiesel’s restorative powers will soothe your soul and invigorate your senses.

Potential Negative Effects of Chiesel

Of course, even the mightiest warrior has its weaknesses. With Chiesel, potential negatives can include paranoia, dry mouth, and dry eyes. Moderation and hydration are key when indulging in this strain.

Terpene Profile of Chiesel

Peering deeper into Chiesel’s chemical makeup, one discovers a rich terpene profile. The most abundant is caryophyllene, known for its peppery nuance, followed by myrcene and limonene, lending notes of earthiness and citrus to Chiesel’s unique bouquet.

Summary of Chiesel

In a nutshell, Chiesel is a force to be reckoned with, a hybrid strain balancing the best qualities of her parents and promising a multi-sensory experience for the user. She’s potent yet playful, seductive yet serious, capable of healing, soothing, and inspiring in equal measure. With every toke, Chiesel redefines the cannabis journey, transforming it into an odyssey of flavours, aromas, and feelings. Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.

1 review for Chiesel (AAA) (DISCONTINUED)

  1. Matthew Ellis (verified owner)

    Very cheesy smell with a nice body buzz. Taste isn’t the best. Solid pickup for the price.

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