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Blueberry Kush (AA-) (DISCONTINUED)

Blueberry Kush is a indica-hybrid produced by mating OG Kush with Blueberry, the winner of the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.

We always recommend ordering a smaller quantity before purchasing a larger bulk order. Contains a mixture of sizes, including popcorn/smalls. This is a budget strain and may contain some shake and seeds. The bag appeal may be low but the buds smoke quite well.

Refunds/exchanges and store credits are not offered on budget products. For additional information regarding your purchase, please click HERE to view the cannabis grading.



Blueberry Kush


Type: Indica
Effects: Relaxed, Sedative, Creative
Common Usage: Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety

Blueberry Kush is a indica produced by mating OG Kush with Blueberry, the winner of the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.
THC levels test between 20 and 24 percent.
It is the perfect variety to enjoy in the evenings when you wind down following a long day.

Effects of Blueberry Kush
A positive mood and joyful feelings accompany the high. The subsequent full-body high causes sleepiness, fatigue, and an increase in appetite. Additionally, users may feel dry lips and eyes, nausea, and headaches. Due to its Indica genetics, Blueberry Kush is one of the strongest medicinal strains and is excellent for treating pain naturally. You should use it in the evening or at night, it is advised. Due to its strong calming effects, it is the ideal medication for those with insomnia. The usage of Blueberry Kush for anxiety and stress alleviation, nausea relief, and hunger stimulation is all less common.

Aroma & Flavour
It produces buds that are densely packed with trichomes, firm, and dark green. Nuggets of Blueberry Kush have an extremely sticky, almost milky covering. They grow into rather little plants. Both its lovely floral andblueberry flavour and its potent, lingering indica high make it a well-known strain.


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