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While there are some physical differences between tobacco pipes and marijuana pipes, they are mostly inconsequential. The most obvious distinction is the type of materials each pipe is made from–cannabis pipes are often glass while tobacco pipes are more likely to be made of clay or wood. However, it is possible to find cannabis pipes made from ceramic, wood, metal, or bamboo. Just remember that aluminum is a bad choice for smoking out of–it’s not good for your lungs.

Bowl and Choke

In order to smoke cannabis from a pipe, there are a few key elements that you will need. First, you will need a bowl in which to place your marijuana. Near the bowl, there should be a choke, which is a small hole. The purpose of the choke is to clear the chamber when using the pipe.

Often, the choke is located on one side of the pipe. When inhaling, you should place your finger over the choke, while taking your toke. You should draw (inhale) relatively slowly and near then end of your inhale or when the bowl is all combusted, remove your thumb which is covering the choke and finish inhaling.

If you have smoked cannabis before, you may be aware of other methods available, such as vaporizers, joints, pipes, and bongs. If you want to use marijuana through smoking, then a pipe is one of the easiest ways to get started—especially if you are not familiar with any other methods. Pipes are easy to use and don’t cost a lot of money.

How To Smoke

To smoke a bowl of cannabis, begin by packing the bowl with your ground or split weed. If the hole at the bottom of the bowl is too large, you can use a cork, also called a mug stopper. This is a small piece of cannabis that you place lightly in the hole to prevent the marijuana from falling out while you’re smoking. Next, you can put the pot on top.

To continue, hold the pipe outside of your mouth and use your thumb or index finger to cover the choke. Then, light the flame and run it over the cannabis slowly. To draw the smoke into the chamber, inhale gently without actually taking the smoke into your lungs.

When you’re ready to inhale, release the choke and inhale the smoke into your lungs. The cannabinoids will be absorbed almost immediately. You can then exhale the smoke. Repeat this process of retention and release as needed.

Beginner Mistakes

Even when you’re using a pipe to smoke, there’s still a chance you might make a mistake. However, it’s not that difficult to avoid mistakes if you know what to look for. Common mistakes include not packing the pipe properly, NOT tamping down the bowl well, and smoking too slowly or quickly. If you can avoid these mistakes, you’ll have a much better pipe-smoking experience. Alternatively you could consider using a vaporizer to avoid having to think about smoking and just smoke!.

Lighter position

When smoking from a pipe, it is most efficient to place the lighter on top of your bowl as you inhale. You can do this until the “cherry” aka weed has a self-sustained ember, that has stabilized enough for it to survive on its own. This just means the cannabis will stay lit by itself. If you have a strong enough cherry, you can pass the pipe on to another smoker, who will no longer need to light the pipe.


It’s important to not exhale through your mouth when you’re smoking from a pipe. If you do, the cannabis will get blown away and go to waste. Nobody wants to smoke cannabis that’s been on the floor, so make sure you don’t blow your bowl!

Being Creative

As a smoker, you might be interested in how you can be more creative or make the most of your experience. Some smokers have chosen to create pipes from apples. They make a hole in them and then put the marijuana inside one end. You can also turn a pen into a pipe by removing the ink cartridge and putting weed at the other end.

A gravity bong works by using water and letting nature’s force do the hard work for you. You can light the cannabis and let the water drain out of the bottle and watch as it fills with marijuana smoke. Then you can place your mouth over the opening of the bottle and inhale your sweet low-effort toke.


There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to have the best possible experience when smoking cannabis from a pipe. First, choose the right pipe. Second, avoid common mistakes that can ruin your smoking session. With these tips in mind, you can make the most of your cannabis and enjoy your time.

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