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How To Make Homemade Hash / Hashish

Making home made hash hashish

Hash, also called Hashish, is a type of cannabis extract with high THC levels. It is a concentrated form of marijuana that usually comes in the form of a hard, brown block. There are many types of Hash, such as Afghani Hash, Lebanese Hash, Mercedes Hash, and more. Some of these products are made using […]

How To Make Weed Budder

making marijuana cannabis budder

Cannabis budder is a type of concentrate that is becoming more popular among medicinal and recreational users alike. It has a creamy, buttery consistency and is rich in terpenes. Budder can be vaped, smoked, or used in edibles. If you’re interested in trying it out, here’s how to make your own cannabis budder. All About […]

Making Homemade Shatter

Making home made marijuana shatter

Introduction To Shatter Over the years, cannabis concentrates have become increasingly popular, with shatter being one of the most popular types. Shatter is produced by extracting CBD and THC from the flower, and it has become a big seller in recent years. This translucent concentrate gets its name from its fragile, glassy and eye-catching texture. […]

Making THC/CBD Capsules

Making thc capsules do it your self at home

Cannabis oil capsules are a great way to get the benefits of cannabis without having to smoke it. They’re easy to take, discreet, and you can control the dosage. You can buy them pre-filled, or you can make your own. Making your own is simple and gives you the freedom to choose how much oil […]

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