WavyShrooms – Immunity Blend Microdose Capsules (100mg)


Immunity Blend is a micro dosing blend of Golden Teacher Psilocybin and other organic mushrooms from WavyShrooms.

Available in dosages:

  • 10 capsules
  • 20 capsules
  • 30 capsules

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WavyShrooms – Immunity Blend Microdose Capsules (100mg)

Immunity Blend by WavyShrooms is a supreme and impressive blend of Golden Teacher Psilocybin and other organic mushrooms, including Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake and Turkey tail. This supplement blend is brilliantly designed for micro dosing.

The non-psychoactive mushrooms contained in these small capsules can offer a myriad of beneficial effects, including immune-boosting, inflammation-reducing, anticancer and cholesterol-lowering benefits.

The top quality of Immunity Blend by WavyShrooms is its incredible ability to boost your immune system in a truly powerful way, even during a bacterial infection or during allergic or autoimmune reactions.

Immunity Blend by WavyShrooms: The Impressive Effects

This blend can be a very effective treatment in reducing inflammation, improving immunity and balancing cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and it shows potential for anticancer properties.

Immunity Blend by WavyShrooms can effectively support your overall immune health and well-being, including the healthy growth and turnover of your cells. It can provide you with a healthier and more resilient stress response and can offer you a healthy and empowering energy.

This incredible blend contains some antimicrobial properties, that is known to be highly effective against viruses, bacteria and even fungi. Its anti-inflammatory properties can extend a great support system to your heart, kidney and liver as it promotes health to them.

These capsules by WavyShrooms can potentially improve the function of your adrenal glands. Your nervous system perceives stress and this signal is transmitted to the hypothalamus, which is the command center of your brain. This command center extends the message to your adrenal glands stimulating the release of cortisol and epinephrine, which are stress hormones. This means that this blend can help you build up resiliency so that stress itself won’t affect you in a very negative and overwhelming way, as it would usually do.

The Joy of Micro-Dosing Support Immune

Micro-dosing can be used as an effective method of recreational therapy by simply consuming this supplement blend, whether you are on the go outdoors, or just rushing through your work in the office.

The joy of microdosing Immunity Blend by WavyShrooms is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. Its discreet design, and small shape in the form of a pill, allows you to consume it without drawing attention. If you are working on a pressing, big and very important project, but you find yourself having difficulties getting your mind in the gain, the solution is so simple. Consuming these capsules on the spot can increase your mental state of alertness, creativity and focus, while decreasing anxiety, stress and even depression. And suddenly, you may find yourself present, engaged and productive.

Microdosing this blend can improve your overall performance levels while boosting your immune system, keeping it strong and healthy, so you can conquer your mountains day after day. It is very easy to consume due to the fact that it is convenient and discreet. Get used to your new normal with the mind-clearing, focus-sharpening, immune system boosting and elevating benefits of this blend when consumed on a constant basis. Buy Immunity Blend by WavyShrooms to have the best and to become the best.

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10 capsules, 20 capsules, 30 capsules


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