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Vanilla Gorilla ($$$)


Delve into the potent, euphoric embrace of Vanilla Gorilla, featuring a unique blend of sweet, spicy, and vanilla flavours for a truly luxurious cannabis experience.

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Vanilla Gorilla Details


Vanilla Gorilla, a rare jewel in the cannabis crown, is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain with a genetic composition veiled in secrecy. This enigmatic strain boasts a formidable 25% THC level, catering to those with a penchant for potency and an exquisite flavour profile. Vanilla Gorilla’s high is as captivating as its taste, beginning with a cerebral rush that envelops your mind in a fog of euphoria, gradually giving way to a stoney, giggly state that, despite its intensity, keeps you sociable and uplifted. Ideal for the seasoned cannabis enthusiast, this strain offers relief from migraines, chronic stress, depression, and nausea. The flavour is a complex blend of sweet and spicy, with a pronounced vanilla and fruity undertone that lingers seductively. The aroma complements this bouquet, with earthy, fruity, and herbal notes underpinned by a spicy vanilla essence. Vanilla Gorilla’s buds are as visually appealing as they are potent, adorned with oversized, fluffy, dark olive green nugs and a thick frosty layer of bright white crystal trichomes.

Concentration and Potency

With its THC level soaring to 25%, Vanilla Gorilla offers an immersive experience marked by deep relaxation and euphoric heights, perfect for those seeking a potent escape.

Medicinal Effects of Vanilla Gorilla

This strain excels in alleviating migraines, chronic stress, depression, and nausea, providing a multifaceted therapeutic experience that soothes both mind and body.

Potential Negative Effects of Vanilla Gorilla

While Vanilla Gorilla’s potency is its hallmark, it may lead to typical side effects like dry mouth and eyes, with its powerful high necessitating moderation in consumption.

Terpene Profile of Vanilla Gorilla

The terpene profile of Vanilla Gorilla is a symphony of sweet, spicy, and herbal notes, crowned with a rich vanilla essence that elevates the sensory experience to new heights.

Why Buy Vanilla Gorilla From Kannabu?

Opting for Vanilla Gorilla from Kannabu guarantees a strain renowned for its potency and unique flavour. Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive premium, lab-tested cannabis that meets the highest quality standards. Experience the unrivalled potency and exquisite taste of Vanilla Gorilla, delivered with Kannabu’s signature care and discretion.

Summary of Vanilla Gorilla

Vanilla Gorilla stands as a potent testament to the art of cannabis cultivation, offering a deeply relaxing and euphorically uplifting experience. Its unique flavour profile and therapeutic benefits make it a sought-after choice for connoisseurs and medicinal users alike.

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