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Gelato is more than just a delectable dessert; it’s a work of art. This Italian variation on traditional ice cream is creamy, delicious, and provides you an additional boost to keep a laid-back attitude for the rest of the day. We had previously believed that nothing could surpass this delicious dessert, but we were mistaken. Let us present you to the indica-dominant Pink Gelato strain, which is tasty


Pink Gelato


Type: Hybrid
Effects: Relaxed, Energetic, Creative
Common Usage: Arthritis, Pain, Nausea

The strain Pink Gelato is a complete delight for the senses. The iconic Pink Kush and Gelato strain, though there are various variants of the Pink Gelato strain available on the market, is the source of its THC levels, which range from 17 to 20%.

Effects of Pink Gelato

Your body will first feel as though it is floating after taking your first hit, and your limbs will experience a soothing buzz. The Pink Gelato strain’s effects are ideal for snuggling up to watch a movie or have engaging talks with friends as you keep smoking since they will make your mind feel creative and engaged. Overall, after a long day, this flower tingles your body, calms your thoughts, and transports you to a state of bliss and relaxation.

Aroma & Flavour

Smokers all around North America have been mesmerized by this creamy flower, which has lumpy, thick nugs with stunning purple, blue, and orange hairs running all over them. This flower has a fragrant, creamy vanilla aroma with lemony and pine undertones that are peppery to taste. For dessert that evening, smokers will have an effortless dish to burn thanks to this wonderful mix.

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1 review for Pink Gelato (AAAA) (DISCONTINUED)

  1. Freakfreak

    Kannabu gave me a 3,5g sample of the Pink Gelato with my order, Very tasty in deed.
    Buds are frosted big time, strong dessert terps, love smoking this soo much omg.
    I’m completely stoned.

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