Lemon Jack (AA)


Embrace the zesty rapture of Lemon Jack, a vivacious sativa-heavy concoction born from legends. Invigorate your senses, illuminate your mind, and dance with Thompson’s spirit in a world painted in bold hues of citrus and pine.

Earn up to 65 Kannabu Points.


Lemon Jack Details

Introduction to Lemon Jack

Type: Sativa-dominant Hybrid
Effects: Creative, Euphoria, Focus, Happy
Potential Negatives: Anxiety, Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes
Common Usage: ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress

Concentration and Potency

When one sparks up Lemon Jack, they’re not just inhaling any mundane strain; they’re diving into a chemical symphony that boasts a THC content of 17%. This golden offspring of Jack Herer is akin to a robust coffee shot in the arm. An 80:20 sativa/indica concoction, it’s a wild ride from the mountains of Kush to the cerebral avenues of Jack.

Medicinal Effects of Lemon Jack

In a world rife with headaches, fatigue, and the constant drone of mundane reality, Lemon Jack stands as a citric beacon of relief. For the weary and the pained, it serves as a remedy, revitalizing lost appetites and extinguishing the flames of depression. A panacea for the modern world’s afflictions; the very essence of Gonzo healing.

Potential Negative Effects of Lemon Jack

Like any plunge into the great unknown, there’s a pinch of risk. Lemon Jack, with its whirlwind of cerebral energy, might not be the mate for those jittery souls already dancing on the precipice of anxiety. And let’s not forget the eternal adversaries of dry eyes and parched mouths. But such is the cost for a trip worth its salt.

Terpene Profile of Lemon Jack

The mad orchestra of terpenes in this strain is led by the charismatic caryophyllene, backed by the smooth rhythms of myrcene and the zesty notes of limonene. It’s a psychedelic symphony of citrus, pine, and chemical chaos that awakens the senses and challenges convention.

Summary of Lemon Jack

Lemon Jack, or should we say Lemon Herer, is the electric prodigy of Jack Herer and Lemon Kush, bringing with it an aroma that’s unmistakably unique. From the kaleidoscope of greens, oranges, and reds, to its sticky buds exuding hints of vanilla cream and lemon rind, this strain is a testament to what happens when genius collides. Not quite the cult figure of its patriarch, but on its way to legendary status. Step aside, mundane reality; Lemon Jack is here to shake things up.

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  1. Scorpio91 (verified owner)

    Tastes really good, burns nice and smells amazing For the price it is well worth it!

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