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Cherry Soda (Craft) (DISCONTINUED)

Cherry Soda is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that boasts a delicious flavour profile of sweet cherry soda with hints of grape and cherry mixed in. Its euphoric and creative effects make it perfect for unwinding after a long day. With THC levels ranging from 22-28%, it’s a potent choice for those looking to treat anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia. The terpene profile includes myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene, among others, resulting in a sweet mix of sweetshop, flowers, and pine.


Cherry Soda Details


Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
Effects: Increased Appetite, Pain & Stress Relief, Euphoria
Potential Negatives: Paranoia
Common Usage: Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Appetite, Migraines

Cherry Soda, the delicious indica-dominant hybrid strain, is here to take you on a wild ride with its euphoric and creative effects. Created by crossing Cherry Kush and Grape Soda strains, this strain has an unmistakable flavor and aroma that’s sure to please.

Effects of Cherry Soda

The Cherry Soda high is perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day. It starts with a rush of euphoria that replaces any negative thoughts with peaceful creativity, allowing your mind to soar. As your thoughts settle, your body will sink into a relaxing body high that leaves you feeling completely at ease with the world around you.

Cherry Soda’s Terpene Profile

Cherry Soda has a terpene profile that is sure to impress any connoisseur. Primary terpenoids myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene are joined by secondary level terpenoids alpha-pinene, ocimene, and beta-pinene. The result is a sweet mix of sweetshop, flowers, and pine. Higher levels of myrcene in this strain may account for its indica inclinations, while a landrace kush quality is evident in the deep down spice and funk below the lighter side of the sour sweet hops and tart cherry present in the profile.

Aroma & Flavour

The aroma of Cherry Soda is very sour and earthy with a slightly pungent overtone that surprisingly complements the sweet cherry very well. When you taste it, the flavour is remarkable, like a sparkling cherry soda, with hints of rich grape and cherry mixed in too. This strain’s flavour profile includes notes of berry, cherry, earthy, grape, sweet, pungent, and woody.


Overall, Cherry Soda is a highly sought-after strain for its delicious flavour and euphoric effects. With THC levels ranging from 22-28%, it’s a potent choice for those looking to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia. Though it may cause dry mouth and dry eyes, the high is well worth it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with Cherry Soda.

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