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Biscotti Pancake (AAA+) (Archival Strain)

Embark upon a sumptuous journey with Biscotti Pancake, a majestic hybrid strain cultivated by the growers at New School Cannabis in Washington. This verdant gem, with its THC concentrations swirling between 19-23%, unfurls a tapestry of euphoria and serenity across the soul. As if whispered by ancient forest sprites, the aroma enchants with hints of ambrosial syrup, noble hazelnut, and ethereal chocolate, entwined with zephyrs of tart lemon and piquant black pepper. Biscotti Pancake’s terpene treasure trove, boasting illustrious names such as β-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Nerolidol, and Myrcene, weaves a symphony for the senses. As a curative strain, it dispels the shadows of chronic pain, inflammation, and worldly stress, whilst bestowing upon one a calm and jubilant spirit. Yet, beware, dear voyager; overindulgence may invoke the mild wrath of fatigue, dry mouth, and dry eyes. Approach with reverence, and let Biscotti Pancake be your delicious ethereal chariot through mornings of tranquillity or evenings cloaked in velvet moonlight.


Biscotti Pancake Details


Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
Effects: Euphoric, Creative, Stress relief, Sleep aid, Pain relief, Energized, Happy, Calm, Relaxed
Potential Negatives: Fatigue, Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes
Common Usage: Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Stress Relief, Appetite Suppressing, Mental Calming

Intro to Biscotti Pancake

Harken back, my esteemed connoisseurs, to an illustrious concoction that has descended upon us. Ladies and gentlemen, let us embrace the Biscotti Pancake, an unparalleled marriage of exotic strains, crafted by the sagacious hands at New School Cannabis in Washington. A delightful offspring of Gelato #25 and South Florida OG, Biscotti Pancake whisks you away to an ethereal realm of tantalising aromas and tastes, reminiscent of those cherished, golden mornings adorned with syrup-clad pancakes.

Concentration and Potency

Behold, the fortitude of Biscotti Pancake is commendable, with THC concentrations ranging from 19 to 23%, and a smattering of CBD between 0.01 to 0.3%. This enchanting potion is designed for those seeking solace from the mundane and the weary. Rejoice, for the strength of Biscotti Pancake ensures a lively escapade into cerebral splendour without being overbearing.

Medicinal Effects of Biscotti Pancake

Let us delve into the restorative pantheon that Biscotti Pancake generously bestows upon its partakers. Marvellously adept at abating chronic pain and inflammation, this strain emerges as a veritable salve for the weary body. The euphoric embrace also alleviates mental stress, guiding the mind to a sanctuary of calm and happiness. Whether it’s a frantic afternoon seeking reprieve or a serene evening yearning for relaxation, Biscotti Pancake is your adept companion.

Potential Negative Effects of Biscotti Pancake

In the interests of fairness and clarity, let it be known that this magical herb does possess some potential pitfalls for the uninitiated. Fatigue may befall those who indulge with excessive vigour, while a dry mouth and eyes could play spoilsport to an otherwise sublime experience.

Terpene Profile of Biscotti Pancake

My dear explorers, let us embark upon a sensorial odyssey through the terpene profile of Biscotti Pancake. With β-Caryophyllene at 0.25%, a captivating spice tingles your senses. Terpinolene, at 0.20%, exudes whispers of citrus. Nerolidol at 0.18% envelops you in an earthy embrace, whilst Myrcene at 0.15% adds a mystical herbal touch. A symphony of hazelnut, chocolate, sour lemon, and black pepper dances across your palate, as if the very essence of a nutty lemon shortbread has been captured within this verdant jewel.

Summary of Biscotti Pancake

In conclusion, Biscotti Pancake stands as a bastion of exotic elegance. With its invigorating potency and varied terpene tapestry, it serves as both a balm for the soul and a feast for the senses. However, approach with respect and moderation to best relish the benefits, whilst sidestepping its minor quibbles. Pair it with a steaming cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the aroma and allure of Biscotti Pancake – a strain that rekindles the ancient alchemy between earth and man.

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1 review for Biscotti Pancake (AAA+) (Archival Strain)

  1. SativaGoddess (verified owner)

    I’m glad I bought as much as I did, because this is a favorite now. It has a very smooth and sweet dry-vaping flavor, which means it doesn’t last in the air too long and it’s not killing my throat like some more dank varieties. The high is very “distracting”, and you’ll easily lose yourself on random tasks or missions. If you’re just vibing, that’s great! If you have things to do, not so much.

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