• Popular strain known for its high potency and consistent effects
  • Amazing for increasing creativity and opening up new perspectives
  • Large, meaty, golden caps and long, sturdy stems

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Buy B+ Shrooms Online at Kannabu

The B+ strain of psilocybin mushrooms has a long history of use in traditional and spiritual contexts. It was first discovered in the late 1990s by a cultivator known as “The Hawks Eye,” and quickly gained popularity among mushroom enthusiasts for its high potency and consistent effects. Today, it remains a popular choice for those seeking a powerful psychedelic experience.

Physical Properties
In terms of physical properties, the B+ magic mushroom strain is known for its large, meaty caps and thick stems. The caps range in color from light tan to caramel, and the gills are a dark purple-brown. They are typically larger in size than other strains and have a slightly meaty texture when dried.

Users report experiencing a strong sense of euphoria and a deep connection to nature after consuming the B+ shroom strain. It is known to increase creativity and open up new perspectives, making it popular among artists and those seeking spiritual growth. Additionally, it is known for its strong visual effects, with users experiencing vivid and detailed hallucinations.

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