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Alien Cream ($$$$)


Alien Cream, with its 14% THC, offers a journey through tranquil realms with its floral and diesel notes, ideal for serene relaxation and medicinal ease.

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Alien Cream Details


An exotic encounter of the third kind, Indica-dominant Alien Cream emerges from the cosmic garden with a THC content of 14%. Its ethereal green hue, adorned with slender pistils and a constellation of trichomes, hints at the celestial journey ahead. The strain exudes a floral aroma, laced with diesel and subtle notes of hash and wood, culminating in a tranquil olfactory experience. The flavour profile, while predominantly green and floral, reveals undertones of wood, citrus, and hash, promising a stimulating yet serene adventure.

Concentration and Potency

Boasting a THC level of 14%, Alien Cream is a gentle yet potent celestial envoy, ideal for those seeking a mild psychoactive experience. Its cannabinoid composition offers a harmonious blend of relaxation and subtle euphoria, making it a suitable companion for both novices and seasoned travellers of the cosmic cannabis cosmos.

Medicinal Effects of Alien Cream

Alien Cream’s calming nebula extends its soothing tendrils to envelop sufferers of psychological ailments, insomnia, and eating disorders in a comforting embrace. Its gentle Indica dominance promises a therapeutic journey, alleviating the burdens of the mind and body, and guiding patients towards a serene state of being.

Potential Negative Effects of Alien Cream

Despite its inviting allure, Alien Cream may exhibit potent cosmic forces, manifesting as dry mouth and eyes. Consumers are advised to navigate this starry voyage with hydration close at hand, ensuring a smooth journey through Alien Cream’s celestial domain.

Terpene Profile of Alien Cream

The terpene constellation within Alien Cream is dominated by myrcene, with its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties guiding users to tranquillity. The presence of diesel and woodsy notes further enriches this strain’s aromatic galaxy, providing a complex and soothing sensory experience.

Why Buy Alien Cream From Kannabu?

Alien Cream, with its unique blend of floral and diesel notes, offers a serene escape only found at Kannabu. Our commitment to sourcing the finest, lab-tested cannabis ensures that every purchase delivers on potency, purity, and peace of mind. Kannabu prides itself on discreet, fast delivery across Canada, making access to premium cannabis effortless. Choose Kannabu for Alien Cream to experience unparalleled quality and customer service that transforms every session into an extraordinary journey.

Summary of Alien Cream

Alien Cream is a testament to the ethereal beauty and therapeutic potential of the cannabis cosmos. With its mild THC content, floral and earthy flavours, and a terpene profile that promises relaxation and relief, it invites users on a tranquil journey to the stars, making it a celestial gem in the cannabis universe.

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